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30-5-5-7 Production Template.RPP-bak by Saukar30

30-5-5-7 Template

This was intended to be used as an example of the possibilities you can do with project templates. I set this up using all Reaper & JS Effects. It is intended for more audio recording and in case needed adding in some VSTis. Basically, it contains 30 tracks to record audio, 5 tracks for your VSTis,5 send busses & 7 mixer busses. The send busses are set to receive audio from any channel. The mixer busses I did not set up due to how vastly different people tend to bus their audio, so I left that to the user to decide. Send & Mix Busses all have effects set up to go as well. Now, I know we all have different systems, audio interfaces & soundcards, so if you need to be change anything for your setup, go right ahead (which is why we all like Reaper so much). Oh, I also have Reaper set to record audio in the Wavpack format (24-bit).

A. There are 30 tracks setup to record audio. No FX or routing are assigned to those tracks. I have each track setup with the "Record Monitoring" option off and they are also setup to "Record Incoming Audio".

B. Next there are 5 tracks colored coded lime green. These are for your VSTis. I set this up with my guess of what the most used VSTi's are. These tracks are all set up to record MIDI once you hit assign the track to record (no individual MIDI tracks were assigned) & input monitoring on. Each track I have setup a little different.

1. Samplers - 16 Outs: This is if you use a sampler which has multiple outputs. This track contains 16 stereo outs that are unassigned (No, I didn't get lazy, I wanted to implement it this way in case you don't use all 30 of your tracks. You could assign some of those outputs to tracks that are unused. Or you could always just make another. Your choice).

2. Pianos - 4 Outs: I set this to 4 stereo outputs for those who would like to layer your piano/synth sounds with different VSTis in the same track

3.Synths - 4 Outs: Same as above

4. Bass - I kept this at 2 stero channels, but I also put in the JS-Stereowidth plugin in case you want your basslines to come out in mono

5. Drums - 16 Outs: It's almost like the Sampler track EXCEPT I also have the Input Quantize activated so that when you record, your drums will automatically be synchronized to the tempo. I usually get weird results when I use this the Input Quantize option, so i kept it at a real basic setting.

C. The next tracks are color coded blue. These are your Send Busses. I made 5 cause I felt like those would be sufficient for most people to use. Each bus has an effect already assigned and is set to receive audio from any channel. The FX are unactivated when you open the template, so remember if you want to use these and you don't hear the fx...don't worry, just activate them. of course, you can use any effect that you want, I just figured I would use what I mostly use.

Send 1 - Reaverberate: I set up a "room" of sorts that can be used. I figured this is the most popular

Send 2 - Reaverb: This I set up using the Reverb Generator and is slightly different from the 1st reverb. Of course, if you have any Impulse Responses you can load those up in here as well.

Send 3 - Readelay: I used the vocal Slapback-FB preset on this one

Send 4 - Stillwell Delay: This is a JS effect and is set to to do longer delay

sEND 5 - js Phaser: I just loaded this in here. I think a lot of people use a phaser, but usually don't want to overdo it.

D. The last 7 Tracks are for mix busses, color coded orange. I have these setup with some specifics in mind. Each bus has a chain of effects that are again unactivated when you load up the template. Also, each bus contains the "Reaverb" effect. The reason why I set it up this way is for you to use any Impulse Responses that you may have of any hardware effects. That allows you to load them up in Reaverb to get your own sound. In each "Reaverb" Impulse generation box there are 3 "generations" loaded... File (so that you can load up your own IRs), Normalize, & Filter. Reaverb is also set to 100% wet and -150 dry

Vocal Bus 1: I set this up with lead vocals in mind. This bus contains Reagate,Reacomp & the ReaEQ

Vocal Bus 2: This is for back up vocals. I changed the Reacomp compressor into the

JS Stillwell 1175 for a different flavor. Also the ReaEQ preset has changed.

Drum Bus: I have the JS effect Bad Bus Mojo already set to use. I made some adjustments according to a couple of loops that I played in this track, but you're free to change. Also, there is the JS parametric EQ & limiter put on this track as well.

Misc Bus 1-4: In each of these busses, I left the parameters of the fx alone so that you could make your own style out of it. I kept this simple. The first 2 busses contain the JS Stillwell- Express bus Compressor & the JS-Teej-RB4JEQ. On the last 2 busses, however, I switched the Express Bus for Reacomp just because Reacomp is a very versatile compressor that can be used for almost any purpose.

E. On the MASTER TRACK, I put on the JS SPL-Limiter & the Pschyco-Dither on as well just in case you wanted to mix your songs down to CD without clipping and with full quality. The Limiter does take a lot of CPU hen activated (on least on my computer) so you might just want to activate these effects when you are rendering down your music.

** Don't forget to expand your mixer upwards and show Send & insert FX. VERY helpful **

** Check the Project settings & change the path to set audio files & any other changes you may want to do **

I hope that someone finds a use for this and I hope you enjoy. Please comment if you like. Thanks!

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March 20, 2008 at 02:04 PM
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  1. Saukar30-1 // July 23, 2008

    Hay ediman. Glad you asked about that, I knew someone might have a question on it.

    1. No receives on the any of the bussess because I didn't want to assume where anyone placed their vocal or music track. Basically you have to setup the receives on your own, as you would know what would go to each bus. For instance, I could set up assigning trackes 1-10 as to the 1st vocal bus, but you may have the vocals on tracks 11-14. This way instead of you reassigning where things are you would know exactly where you put things. Hope I explained that correctly.

    2. My idea for the busses was setting these up for people who are used to tracking different takes of instruments or vocals and placing similar sounds (ex. drums, vocals, strings, etc) to a similar bus. Now, the way reaper is setup, you could easily just make a folder track(s) to house your similar sounding audio, but some people such as myself just kind of like all of that stuff seperate sometimes & are are used to seeing something different for the busses. Of course, since Reaper is so flexible, if you don't like my ideas you can delete those tracks (don'[t worry I'm not sensitive at all LOL). I don't have anything setup for external hardware, but I'm going to make some other templates in the coming month that may include this, as reaper is WAY mroe efficient now at handling outboard processors.

    Hope this was a help to you!

  2. ediman // June 24, 2008


    Very well but how do you use the mix busses ? There is no receive from any track,

    May be i have not understand the exactly function of these busses. Is it for use with external hardware ? (but busses are disabled for recording in the template)


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